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    With an intelligent AiBase gateway at the centre of your smart home, you can enable devices in your home to coordinate their efforts without needing to apply similar protocols. We use Z-wave plus protocols, which are more secure, longer distance, more compatible, more stable, easier to extend — plus, any Z-wave device can act as an extender.

    Gateway is the center of your smart home, all other smart devices will be connected with the gateway wirelessly. The APP on your mobile device will control all devices through the gateway by WiFi or cellular network.

  • Our smart home kit, also known as our home automation kit, is a thoughtful all-inclusive package containing the hardware and software that you need to connect, control, and manage smart devices for your home security. This includes as motion detection, door/window safety, water leakage, and more.

  • Sensors in and around your home can help you keep track of things, even when you’re not there. From water leak sensors, window + door sensors, and even heat and humidity sensors, AiBase has everything you need to make your home as responsive as you need..

  • Unlike the standard lighting controls, AiBase provides smart wall switches that are linked to your gateway, allowing you to control your lighting using your smartphone remotely.

    Aibase provides smart light bulbs that are linked to your smart home system, allowing you to control the lighting usage smartly, such as the strength of lighting, separated area lighting, event lighting etc.

  • Smart plugs are the key to creating a seamless smart home in a cost-effective manner. Smart plugs can be used in many different ways, including controlling lights remotely, automate manual fans, turn on appliances by schedule and more.

  • A Smart Doorbell from AiBase will never leave you wondering who’s at the door. Equipped with an HD camera and 24/7 streaming capabilities, you’ll always know who’s on your front step.

  • Lose your keys, for good. The Smart Lock touchscreen door lock eliminates the need to carry house keys. Simply tap your pin code on the backlit touchscreen keypad to unlock the door, and tap to lock the door behind you.

  • In order for the connected devices in your home to work cohesively, you might need a few accessories to help get things integrated properly — but we’ve got you covered. With the Accessory Connector and Accessory Cable readily available, you’ll be able to take advantage of your smart home’s enhanced functionality as soon as it’s installed.

    To learn more about how our products can make your home as smart as you are, call AiBase at (905) 201-9846 or contact us here.

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