Smart Plug

Smart Plugs fulfil one simple goal: to make simple devices in your home smart. Smart Plugs can be used in many different ways, including:

  • To control lighting when your lamps or light bulbs are not smart devices yet
  • To automate fans that are manually controlled
  • To manage an AV kit that is constantly running
  • And make other processes ‘smarter,’ such as cooking at a certain time, turn on the light by schedule etc.

Smart plugs add energy monitoring, digital assistant integration, voice control, timers, and other conveniences to your existing, ordinary devices.

How do they work?

Think of a smart plug as a barrier between your ordinary electrical outlet and the device you’re plugging in. It’ll use the electricity from the socket and provide it to your device, but it’ll make your device smarter to be controlled by your mobile APP.

How can you use a Smart Plug in your everyday routine?

A major advantage of smart plugs is the convenience they allow. Think about how many times you’ve forgotten to check if you unplugged your iron — with a smart plug, you can turn it off remotely, instead of rushing back home. Your Smart Plug can also come in handy when you’re rushing off to work in the morning; prepare your coffee maker the night before, and turn it on via your smartphone when you’re rolling out of bed for a fresh cup of coffee before you head out.

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