4 In 1 Motion Sensor

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Integrated motion, light, temperature & humidity sensors.
Supports better accuracy detection for major temperature and humidity ranges.
Supports more preprogrammed applications.
Detection Technology
Detection Angle
Detection Range
Light Sensor
1 ~ 2000 lux
Temperature/ Humidity Accuracy
±1°C / RH ± 5%
Power Source
3VDC, CR123A X 1
Battery Life :2 Years
Mounting :Screws or 3M tape
Operating Temperature :-10°C ~ 45°C, 14°F ~ 113°F
Operating Humidity :Up to 85%, Non-condensing
Operating Range :Z-Wave 130 ft. (40m) LOS
Certifications :IC/FCC, Z-Wave Plus

What a bargain! Four sensors are built into one unit for Motion, Luminance intensity, Temperature and Humidity. This is a must-have product not only for its enhanced function, but a great deal for the value you are paying.

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4 In 1 Motion Sensor


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