Smart Home Management: Making your Home Smarter

At AiBase, our goal is to make your world smarter, more convenient, and more comfortable. The needs of different homes are never the same, so you don’t require a standard smart solutions package to meet your requirements. What you need is a custom-tailored smart home design — and that’s what we can give you.

Smart Lighting

Switching to smart devices will give you greater control in different areas, such as lighting, heating and cooling, security, and surveillance.

Your smart lighting devices may include switches, light bulbs, and dimmers that let you adjust the colour and brightness of our home lighting. You can even include timer functions to switch off or dim the lighting depending on preset schedules.

Similarly, smart power outlets can be used to regulate appliances to optimize energy consumption.

Automatic Control

For real-time control and observation, you can use automated sensors to monitor motion, temperature, smoke, daylight, water leak and air quality. When triggered, they can send a notification to inform you of any changes, or even prompt a programmed action. For instance, smart thermostats rely on sensors to scale back and save power when no one is home.

For improved security, triggered motion sensors can activate smart security cameras to start recording to capture a possible intrusion, a siren will be sounding, at the meantime, an alert will be sent to you automatically for further action.

Central Control for your Smart Home

To coordinate all the functions in a smart home, you need a gateway or hub that will act as the brain of the system, controlling and integrating multiple devices into seamless automation.

AiBase gateway allows devices that perform different functions, as well as those from different manufacturers to work cohesively.

For easier integration in your home, AiBase prefers to provide home automation devices in complete kits that include the gateway.

Why Choose AiBase as your Smart Home Automation Solution:
  • Simple, easy, cost-effective smart home system starts from one simple reason to more complex solution.
  • Option to upgrade existing Alarm Systems with additional Security and Home Automation.
  • All-In-One cloud-based platform, integrating Smart Home System, Video Surveillance, Alarm System, Intercom, and other applications into a single platform.
  • Expandable system, fully compatible with all Z-wave devices.
  • A gateway that interconverts GSM, Wi-Fi, and Z-wave signals.
  • Option to choose the best coverage at your comfort zone, including self-monitoring, self-monitoring with cellular, 24/7 professional monitoring service.
  • Competitive price for innovative technology solutions.
Begin Your Home Automation with Smart Home Kits

With AiBase Smart Home Kits, it’s easier to choose between a basic and an advanced home automation system, plus you can easily customize the options to suit your needs. Our professional technicians are always available to help you make informed decisions.

To learn more about our home automation kits and solutions, call AiBase at (905) 201-9846 or contact us here.

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